Running Dublin’s Docks

Running Dublin’s Docks.

The closer we get to a no-deal Brexit, with its implicit threat of a border, either hard, around the six counties of Northern Ireland, or wet down the Irish Sea, the more my dock running PTSD affects me.

Hard or wet, the imposition of a border between Ireland and Britain, means the re-imposition of customs formalities, hence my Post Traumatic Stress Disorderdness.. 

Cuidad Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. May 1998

Cuidad Carmen, Campeche, Mexico.

May 1998

When I had just about given up hope of the Mexican job ever happening, my flight tickets and itinerary arrived from Idrotec.

On Friday 22nd of May I flew Dublin Shannon New York Mexico City arriving in Mexico early afternoon; the connecting flight to Cuidad Del Carmen was the following morning, so I had been instructed to stay at the Marriott hotel, which was in the airport terminal building.

The Mayan ruins in Palenque Mexico.

The Mayan ruins in Palenque Mexico 1997.

Based upon the recommendation of Teodoro my guide from the Mayan site at Comalcalco, I had decided to ask if I could keep the car and drive to Palenque the following day, assuming of course that I was not required for work.

Of course I had heard of, and read about of those most famous Mayan ruins, so tantalisingly close then. And if at all possible I was determined to visit them in person.